The Alithea Mime Theatre offers 90 - 120 minute performances in contemporary mime theatre geared for all audiences (family, college, all ages) with a combination of both comic and dramatic works. Performance material can be tapered to the presenter's needs. A second performance costs one half the fee with lodging costs negotiated as part of the fees. The company performs best on a proscenium stage at least 30 feet wide and 20 feet deep. A sound system, black backdrop and cyclorama, wings and sidelights are required, including general lighting from the front of house and above the stage for maximum theatricality. Performances include a master class at no extra cost.

A short sample set description of works that can be presented:

Electric Nights - an energetic and comic fusion of mime and dance in black light performed by the ensemble. (10 minutes)

Lifesong - a heartwarming and poetic trio depicting the family life cycle. (7 minutes)

Strangers in the Night - a hilarious peek at three people's sleeping habits with a bed placed vertically on stage. (10 minutes)

Marionette - a solo work about an old man reminiscing about his puppeteering days. (5 minutes)

InsideOut - a hilarious solo about a man and a woman and their unrequited love. (5 minutes)

Body of Music - Classic mime illusion work. (5 minutes)

Freudian Slip - this quartet is a comic peek at the id, ego and superego in action. (6 minutes)

Asylum - a dramatic work about psychosis, institutionalization, revelation and the healing capacity of human compassion. (15 minutes)

Cain and Abel - a short, poignant retelling of the Bible story. (5 minutes)

Improvisation - a fun interactive moment between performer and audience. (10-15 minutes)

Raku Love – borrowing from the Japanese tradition of Bonraku, a Kung Fu style love story (6 minutes)

Angels Rising - traces man's competitive behavior from the beginning of time to the nuclear holocaust. (15 minutes)